Web Development

We specialize in municipal and county websites, association websites, and commercial websites. Your website is the front line in your relationship with the rest of the world. ... MORE

Industrial, B2B and Direct Response

When it comes to Industrial, B2B and Direct Response, we’re like the police and firefighters: Where most “creative” firms run away, we run toward. We’ve worked in industrial, B2B and direct response our entire careers, and we love inhabiting that space.  MORE

Integrated Marketing Communications

Strategic, integrated marketing communications that work as hard as you do. It’s what we do. ... MORE



What We Do…

Big Ideas. Compelling Copy. Superior Design. …Better results for you.
At the heart of it all, that’s what we’re about. Ideas and strategies that position your product in new and exciting ways against your target audiences.
Copy that reaches people where it counts, at the emotional level, where we answer the... MORE

How We Work

Mostly, we shut ourselves in our offices with a No. 2 Ticonderoga pencil, a yellow legal pad, and a stack of past issues of Communication Arts.
Then we flip through them until we find an idea we can steal and call our own...

Nah, there’s more to it than that! Good marketing communications is a combination of method and... MORE

Our Services

You Want It, We Got It.
Comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Communications Services.
Most of our clients like being able to call Rave Communications to handle all aspects of their advertising and marketing communications requirements.
Sure, there’s the convenience factor – they don’t have to coordinate efforts between half a dozen... MORE


Ad Specialties and Logo Wear from Rave Communications.

Our Work


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WordPress Website Care Plans

Dedicated support for your WordPress website which includes full back-ups, software updates, security & malware scans, up-time monitoring 24/7, and website upkeep detailed in a monthly email report.

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Protect Your Email Address from Spammers

Is Spam Wasting Hours of Your Work Week? Are you frustrated by spam sent to your business email address? Is it getting worse? Do you ever wonder how they got your address? Including your email address on a website makes it possible for automated scraper bots that, sooner or later, will crawl the site to harvest your email address. On some business websites the email address of every staff member can be found on the staff or contact pages. Once they’re harvested they’re sold to spammers that … Read more about Protect Your Email Address from Spammers

Are You Making a “Thing,” or Are You Communicating?

Ain’t no “thing.”  When it comes to their marketing communications, many business owners – and even some marketing directors – fall prey to what I call the “thing” mentality. They begin to think of marketing as simply making a series of things – making a brochure, making an ad, making a page on their website. They’re all just things. When faced with a marketing problem, they immediately resort to making a “thing.” “I need to do a brochure.” Then they march ahead, usually with the … Read more about Are You Making a “Thing,” or Are You Communicating?