The principals at Rave Communications – Greg Gunter and Michael Jones – bring more than 30 years’ experience each to the practice of marketing communications.

It’s about results.

The firm was founded on a belief that good marketing communications is judged by the results it gets. Not creative awards, not high-fives around the conference room table over a clever headline, but by the one measure that counts: Did the work accomplish what it was intended to accomplish? 

While creative awards are always fun (and the firm has won its fair share over the years, in a wide array of industries), the real fun is in knowing that the work we do for our clients improves their bottom line or otherwise solves a problem for them. 

At Rave Communications, marketing communications is a business function, a highly disciplined process centered upon research, strategy and immaculate execution to the highest standards of the craft. These disciplines ultimately result in communications that not only accomplish the objectives set before them, but do so far more efficiently than the sometimes haphazard way in which some firms approach the work they do for their clients.

We take very seriously our responsibility to…

  • Build your brand.
  • Move your audience.
  • Get results.  

Fun is important, too.

And lest you think we’re humorless and self-important “strategists” who approach this entire communications enterprise as though it were the most important thing in the world, we have a lot of fun at what we do. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be nearly as good at it as we are.

We think you’ll catch that spirit from us as well.

Call today. Let's get to work.