Strategic, integrated smart marketing communications that work as hard as you do. It’s what we do.

Everyone’s heard it. Everyone knows it’s the truth:

One sight. One sound. One sell.

The principals at Rave Communications each have over three decades of experience at crafting strategy and communications that help your business present a clear, focused and effective message to your audiences through multiple channels.

Spend time on the message. Adapt for the medium.

Integrated Marketing Communications

It sounds so simple. Your brand, your product, your business present the same face to the prospective customer everywhere he or she meets it.

But it’s so hard to achieve, particularly in an age of the explosion of channels for reaching your customers, the abbreviation of messaging inherent in the quick-take consumption of social and online media, and the thousands of messages to which your prospective customer is exposed every day.

How do you achieve consistency of image and message for both your brand and product through all of your channels and formats?

You do it by backing up, by returning to some basics.

You do it by recognizing that the channels through which your message is delivered are just that – means of reaching your prospective customer.

What counts is the message. You adjust to the medium, but you stay true to the strategy.  

We do our homework.

We help you get very clear about your unique selling proposition, your positioning, your brand image, all in ways that distinguish you from your competition and speak to the needs of your prospective customer in a way that convinces them that your product or service is the single best answer to the most important problem they need to solve when it comes to what your product or service does.

Rave Communications Best Practices Process

We get there through all of our craft’s best practices:

A lot of examination and discussion – with you and your team – about who your customer is and how they relate to your product. About what they want from the product. About how your product or service uniquely fills their needs, and what it is about your product that’s different, and how that difference can be meaningful to your customers.

Research. Whether it’s secondary, primary or both, we don’t have to guess about what your prospective customer wants from your product or service. They’ll tell us , in no uncertain terms and and with crystal clarity.

And when we know what your prospective customers want from your product or service, what the biggest problem you can solve for them is, and how you’re uniquely able to do so, we can craft communications of incredible power and effectiveness.

Call us today. Let’s get to work.