“I feel like I need to further clarify my simple comment that you guys know what you’re doing. Frankly, what your team did for us was transformative and I really don’t think I ever followed up to thank you guys appropriately for setting us on our way when I took over my company last year.

We’re on pace to double our results just a short year after your team provided us with our new logo that complimented the Live Great theme we were kicking around.

We weren’t sure what we wanted in the rebranding, but your team kept serving up incredibly fresh ideas that honored our heritage.

Strange to say, but you guys were like mind readers, even though we didn’t really have anything concrete in our mind. Your designers seemed to know where to take us with each iteration of the rebrand. You were an absolute pro, leaving the direction up to me, but also being courageous enough to tell me we were clouding our message. I loved having a real expert to bounce things off and debate with.

Bravo to you and your team. Count me in as one your biggest fans.”

Art Beery
General Manager
Cole Chevrolet

“Rave Communications has been a great firm to work with. They easily identified our needs, goals and target market and implemented annual programs that established our brand and focused our limited resources on effective media and messaging. As a result we stemmed the annual losses and began to see realistic gains. Our success exploded when the airport and Rave Communications stepped up to an airline challenge to build demand commensurate with a 45% capacity increase. With a nominal budget increase we exceeded that capacity level in the first year and are now anticipating additional service and continued growth.”

David Allen
General Manager,
Pocatello Regional Airport

Brooklyn's Playground Fund Raising Campaign

Our organization recently completed Brooklyn’s Playground, a 100 percent accessible, inclusive playground that is one of the largest in the country. By any measure, it was one of the most successful fundraising efforts in our community’s history. People have asked me what made the difference: Why was the Brooklyn’s Playground effort so successful, how did it enjoy such sustained interest from the community? I tell them that the critical difference from other fundraising efforts was the publicity, the marketing and public relations. And that was Rave Communications. Their work kept Brooklyn’s Playground front-and-center and “something worth investing in” in the public’s mind, something with real brand equity.

Tim Forhan
President, Valley Pride
Pocatello, Idaho

Idaho Education Association Direct Mail

For attractive, creative messaging and printing work done on time and on budget, Greg Gunter and his team at Rave Communications have earned our “raves.” We’ve worked with Rave on several highly time-sensitive projects, and we’ve found Greg and his colleagues to be consistently committed to getting every aspect of each job done just right. We’d recommend Rave Communications to anyone seeking a top-notch, professional communications firm.

Robin Nettinga
Executive Director
Idaho Education Association

Testimonial from Legacy Hospital Partners, Inc.

 “Greg, we wish we could clone you in every market we’re in. We’ve never seen better or more professional on-the-ground coordination of a campaign, anywhere in the country. No detail was left overlooked. The work was simply superb.

Pat Ball
Senior Vice President Strategic Development and Public Affairs
Legacy Hospital Partners, Inc.

I just needed to pass along to you: Our RediCare volumes have increased by close to 70 percent over the last three days. I don’t know anything we’re doing differently, other than your ad…That should be a source of some pleasure to you!

Frank McGovern
Mountain View Hospital

The advertising you produced for this year’s ‘I Love ISU’ scholarship drive was exactly what I was looking for…new, innovative, eye-catching! Just perfect. Many of our volunteers commented on how much they liked this year’s creative approach to our fundraising efforts. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for next year’s campaign!

K.C. Felt

Director of Annual Giving
Idaho State University

The Hartwell Corporation

The Hartwell Corporation has been using Rave Communications for several years and find their services to be exceptional. They have a full range of graphic design and creative capabilities, are very easy to work with, seem to ‘get it’ when it comes to what we do, and provide true value for your marketing, advertising, and promotional budgets.

Ken Koller
President/Marketing Director
The Hartwell Corporation

ISU Kasiska College of Health Professions

Rave Communications did a wonderful job with our first-in-a-decade newsletter for the college. I wanted it to be just right, reflecting Kasiska’s position of leadership in the health professions in the state, and conveying a first-class image to our thousands of alumni. You exceeded my expectations, in both design and editorial assistance. I’m very proud of this newsletter and what it communicates about our college.

Linda C. Hatzenbuehler, Ph.D.
Dean, Kasiska College of Health Professions
Idaho State University


I’ve worked as a professional in economic development on both sides of the continent, and at the regional, state and city levels. Smart, effective marketing communications are a critical component of successful business attraction, and there are some very, very good firms working in the field. The best I’ve ever worked with? Hands down, it’s Rave Communications. Rave Communications has a clear understanding of the economic development process and what it take to plan, develop and successfully implement a highly effective marketing communications program that produces results. They’re responsive, they want to see you win, and they make valuable contributions at every level – research, thinking, execution and action. When it comes to economic development and communications, Rave Communications does more than just ‘get it’…they excel at positioning your area ahead of your biggest competitors. I’d recommend them to any economic development agency who’s serious about delivering the right message.

James K. Bowman
Executive Director
Renew Moline, Inc.

Printcraft Press Capabilities Brochure

I doubt you would believe how timeless our capabilities brochure is! It works even better than when it was first done. If results are an indicator it is probably one of your best pieces!

Travis Waters
Printcraft Press

Greg and the team at Rave Communications bring much more to the table than we normally expect from a communications firm. In fact, calling them that would be to downplay the contribution they make to any project with which they’re involved. Economic development projects can be complex, but we can count on strategic insights and solid consultation along the whole spectrum of any work we pull them in on. Solid communications skills, national-quality work…we get that from Rave Communications. But we get more – strategic thinking and an understanding of the deeper issues.

Ray Burstedt
Former Executive Director
Bannock Development Corporation

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