Big Ideas.
Compelling Copy. Superior Design.
…Better results for you.


At the heart of it all, that’s what we’re about.

Ideas and strategies that position your product in new and exciting ways against your target audiences.

Copy that reaches people where it counts, at the emotional level, where we answer the most important question they have – “What’s in it for me?” – in a way that connects your product to their needs and compels action.

Design that elevates perceived value and raises you above the clutter.

We’re about helping you define your brand – that unique collection of characteristics that makes you different and better than everyone else – and communicating it to the marketplace clearly, consistently and convincingly.

We measure the success of our work by the same standard that matters for you. Results. Not creative awards (although we’ve won a bunch), nor a thumbs-up from our fellow practitioners (we even get those), but whether or not we’ve helped you gain market share, or generate trial, or convert prospects into customers.

Man, we love what we do. And at the risk of sounding immodest, we’re pretty darned good at it.

Before you conclude we’re a creative boutique, the principals at Rave Communications have advertising agency experience spanning nearly a quarter century each. We can do all the things for you you’d normally expect of an agency, from expertly-assembled and tightly-negotiated media plans, to broadcast production, print management, assistance with all aspects of trade shows…the works. You can see a list of our services on the right-hand side of this page.

Here’s where we’re not like an agency:


We don’t have that agency attitude. You know the one we’re talking about, where you almost feel like you’re working for them, and not the other way around. We don’t have much patience with that stuff. We like what we do, we like doing it for clients who recognize good work and value what it can do for their businesses, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you prefer to have attitude thrown at you, we can give you a list of agencies as long as our arm where you’ll find bucketsful of it.

Search the place from top to bottom, you will not find a mountain of overhead we need to support at your expense. No assistants-to-the-assistant, no group managers, no in-house broadcast production facilities, etc., etc. Places that have those things have to feed that beast, and they often do it by selling you programs and services that aren’t in your best interest.

No “Creative for Creative’s Sake.” Ever. No high school-level, cutesy headlines in place of carefully crafted ones meant to accomplish specific objectives. No prima donna touchiness about how “special” we are. Benton & Bowles said it best: “It’s not creative unless it sells.” We believe that.

This has us verging over into “philosophy” (although that term is overused in our industry), so this is a good place to tell you…

What We’re About

  1. Doing great work for great clients is what brings us back through the doors every day. We really do give a damn. You were smart enough to hire us. We’re going to do our level best to make sure that was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.
  2. “Competent” is just the starting point. You can get a brochure done at one of those copy shop/quick printers/overnight delivery places. Technically, it will be a brochure. There will be words on paper. Maybe even some photos. Odds are, if it does anything to differentiate you from your competition, it will be in a bad way.
  3. Quality counts. Do we really need to explain this one?
  4. puzzel_piecesWe’re not a match for everyone. For most clients, we do our best work inside the agency-of-record relationship, with the 12-month marketing communications plan guiding our mutual efforts. And that’s usually what’s best for them, too. (There are exceptions to the “agency-of-record” guideline – One in particular is the work we do for direct marketers.) That doesn’t mean we don’t do project work – we do, and we’d love to hear about yours. But the agency-of-record relationship is the only way we can guarantee we’ll be properly staffed and scheduled to do superior work on your behalf, in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  5. We work only with clients confident enough to be consulted. The best work comes out of an agency-client relationship where the agency and client are in balance on the “Consultability Index.” Too far in either direction – where either the client isn’t consultable at all, or at the other extreme, where the client simply nods their head up-and-down and has no input or perspective – and the work suffers. The best results come from a true partnership, all of us bringing our talents to the table focused on one thing: Your success.

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